Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Nokia Asha 200 Browser Fault Corrected

It is interesting to note that technology nowadays is actually driven by the end users. That is YOU and ME! and no longer by scientists and mathematicians. The end users are demanding more from their devices. Phones, Cars, Televisions, Radios, The Internet, Computers etc.

Checkout my experience; Way back in 2008 I wanted a dual SIM mobile phone so I don't have to carry two phones in my pocket. Guess what? Came 2012 I got a Nokia Asha 200; nice phone. I had Internet access configured on it and all. All was well until I thought to myself; now that I have two SIMs on one phone I can use any of the two for Internet access. So, if I don't have credit on one SIM I can simply switch to the second SIM. You said it. It wasn't that simple, the phone browser and email accounts stopped working. Yeapa! What have I done! Calm down man I told myself. After re-configuring the email accounts on one of the SIM, I was happy to have my emails working again. 

It took quite a while before I could get the browser working again. In summary, this was what I did:
1. I connected the phone to my laptop using the USB cable.
2. I downloaded and install Nokia PC Suite
You can download at: 
3. I updated the phone software
And voila my browser was back and better.

Well not quite just before I closed for the day. It happened again, not my Nokia Asha 200 phone this time... power failure and I had a very important mail to send so I decided to use the phone to connect to the Internet and send the mail. Oops I couldn't the Nokia PC Suit Internet function required configuration.

To cut a long story short, I downloaded and installed Nokia Suite 3.5.34
You can download it at:
I have the two Nokia applications running on my laptop
... And we lived happily ever after. 

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